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“Teamwork is what makes great companies grow”

Mission and vision

The desire that guides and encourages Zummo to continue with its work day after day is to become a national and international benchmark in the design, manufacture and marketing of the best quality juice extraction systems.

Zummo’s reason for being is based on:

  • Designing, manufacturing and marketing global juice extraction solutions to obtain top quality juices.
  • Innovating in the juice extraction system market, developing and affording new values to the machines to make them easier for users to operate.
  • Giving the best possible product and service to all our customers: dealers, establishments and consumers.
  • Highlighting and differentiating Zummo for its service, personal and human customer attention.
  • Creating a place where people want to work, where they feel motivated, committed and inspired to strive to do their best every day and to grow professionally and personally.


  • Quality: active search for quality, efficiency and excellence both in product and service, and in management.
  • Customer-oriented: always pursuing excellence with the customer.
  • Respect for regulations and customs, for people and their safety, for the environment, institutions and cultural diversity. Integrity and transparency
  • Looking after the workers, creating a happy work environment: comradeship, people’s commitment, personal development, boosting talent, teamwork, motivation, passion, perseverance.
  • Committing to corporate social responsibility


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