How to elaborate a healthy daily menu for your restaurant

Menú del día saludable para tu restaurante

The significance of offering a healthy daily menu in a restaurant

One of the global gastronomic trends nowadays is, without a doubt, healthy food and a “Healthy Lifestyle”. Customers increasingly look for healthier restaurant choices, therefore increasing the need for restaurants to cater for their needs.

This is the reason behind this article with different ideas and tips for your restaurant to be up to date and to increase your clientele.

The food industry is ever changing and it is the perfect moment to create new business opportunities to cater for those in search of a healthier diet. Without any question, the restaurants which offer healthy choices, are able to reach to a wider client group, adapting to their needs and preferences.

Healthy dishes based on fruits, natural freshly squeezed juices (orange, grapefruit, lemon and pomegranate) vegetables without any added additives and preservatives are of an essence.

What would your clients like to find in a healthy restaurant?

Firstly, there should be a wide range of dishes to choose from. Different options suited to the varied needs of this kind of customers (vegetarian, celiac, etc) prioritizing fresh fruit juices, smoothies, vegetables, etc.

Speaking of which, freshly squeezed juices are healthy products which offer free reign to combine fruits and incorporate all kinds of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

The second most important component that customers would like to find in a healthy menu is taste. We have to avoid the typical conception that healthy food means boiled or grilled items and incorporate a different approach to healthy eating.

Thirdly, it is essential to use local and seasonal products and incorporate tasty freshly squeezed juices to the menu.

It is also important to ensure that our menu is reasonably priced for the quality of the products available.

If you offer a healthy daily menu in your restaurant, you will not only increase the volume of sales, you will also help improve the range of healthy food available in your establishment.

We hope these tips mark the beginning of a healthy revolution in your restaurant’s offer and that you join the latest healthy lifestyle trends.

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