Offer the best freshly squeeze juice in your bakery- IBIE Show 2022

Join the trend to bring natural to your business As we know that trends are evolving towards a healthier lifestyle, consumers want healthy alternatives, to balance their diet. After the pandemic, sports and the importance of good nutrition are gaining momentum and are leading us to a trend where healthy starts to matter, and the […]

How to prepare pomegranate juice with an orange squeezer

Consumers, increasingly prefer to drink something healthy, light and refreshing when they go to the restaurant. Offering orange juice in cafes and restaurants is a very good option, but if you want to innovate, the squeezer Z06 allows you to offer a wide range of flavours, as it can make pomegranate juice too. Pomegranate is […]

How to elaborate a healthy daily menu for your restaurant

Menú del día saludable para tu restaurante

The significance of offering a healthy daily menu in a restaurant One of the global gastronomic trends nowadays is, without a doubt, healthy food and a “Healthy Lifestyle”. Customers increasingly look for healthier restaurant choices, therefore increasing the need for restaurants to cater for their needs. This is the reason behind this article with different ideas […]

New trends to equip your fruit shop to the latest tendencies

Cómo modernizar tu frutería

A fruit shop is an everyday store that offers proximity, high quality products and an approachable customers service, which you would not find in large supermarkets. However, all businesses must keep up with the times and renew themselves to offer the best shopping quality experience. This is the main reason behind this article, to show […]