New trends to equip your fruit shop to the latest tendencies

Cómo modernizar tu frutería

A fruit shop is an everyday store that offers proximity, high quality products and an approachable customers service, which you would not find in large supermarkets.

However, all businesses must keep up with the times and renew themselves to offer the best shopping quality experience. This is the main reason behind this article, to show you the key elements necessary to incorporate to your own business in order to make it more successful.

Display an area to cut fresh fruits and vegetables

Create a space where the client can purchase and enjoy fresh fruit right away. Everyday the store freshly cuts fruits and vegetables to offer the customer the choice of different combinations of salads and fruit salads to be taking away to the work place or simply to save time at home.

Display an area of freshly squeezed juices

Trying to compete with large supermarket chains is becoming a tough task. This, places even more importance on offering better aesthetics and marketing to give small stores a better chance to compete with those markets.

Natural fruit juices are trendy and clients will definitely not hesitate to pay for premium quality.

Make the most of your store incorporating a citrus fruit squeezing machine and your success will be assured. Zummo can help you with this so if you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Provide organic products in your fruit shop

One of main reasons for customers to choose a fruit shop rather than a large supermarket is the higher quality of the products on offer and the lack of food processing. This is why it’s essential to offer a good range of organic products, making an impact on both your business and the environment.

Rethink the aesthetic of your fruit shop and communicate effectively on social networks

What good is it to offer a good product unless you make it well known?

Refresh your business image, create a good report with your clients on both the shop and on the Internet, offering good advice and special offers.

If you also redesign your store and you create a warm and inviting space, you are on a win.

We recommend you to contemplate widening your target market and explore new areas to keep up with the latest current trends in the food industry in Spain. A healthy lifestyle is essential nowadays, so take a further step and create a natural, fresh and healthy space to suit your new clients.

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