We care about details. Nature Jug.


By launching the new Nature range, the aesthetic of Zummo squeezers has been adapted to the last trends on the market. As a result, now, we have a more elegant, robust and timeless juicer than ever and inspired by nature.

Therefore, the new Nature Jug keeps the same premise. It is about a Zummo exclusive design inspired in the horizontal and diagonal lines from the squeezers. A modern, but a timeless product, which is perfectly aligned with the new range of products in order to achieve a total integrity with the machine.

At Zummo, transparency in all aspects is one of our values, and this has also been transmitted to the new Nature Jug. Thanks to its design, users will enjoy the entire squeezing process and will be part of the process until the end. Another improvement is its ergonomic shape, including a new handle which makes easier and more comfortable when manipulating.

The new Nature Jug has been designed taking into account innovation, which is also one of the main Zummo’s values. Our creations are our source of inspiration to express who we are.

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