Zummo Inc at NRA

Products that offer squeezing and fresh-cut solutions for businesses.

Zummo INC is proud to announce our participation at the upcoming NRA Show in Chicago, from May 20-23!

This exciting event is the perfect opportunity to discover how our innovative juicing technology can transform your business and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Located at booth 5268.

Zummo will be showcasing a range of cutting-edge products designed to meet the needs of businesses across the food service industry.

Here’s a closer look at some of the highlights

ISLA: ¨Freshly cut pineapple in a matter of seconds¨

This amazing instant-cutting technology allows you to sample freshly cut pineapple like never before!

With the help of Isla, you can provide your customers with the freshest and most delicious fruit, cut right before their eyes.

This incredible innovation is perfect for businesses looking to provide a unique and engaging experience for their customers.

offer the best freshly cut solution for pineapple


Z40 LM: ¨Squeeze limes and lemons with an efficiency never seen before!¨

We developed this model from the standard Z40 to offer perfect squeezing for all types of citrus fruits, especially limes and lemons.

An innovative tool that is perfect for high-volume environments, such as hotels, resorts, and large restaurants.

Furthermore, this model is focused on offering profitability by reducing labor costs and increasing production by 10% to 15% compared to manual squeezing.

In conjunction with its high capacity and continuous production system, the Z40LM can produce up to 10.567 gallons of juice per hour, all while maintaining the highest standards of quality and freshness.

Z14: ¨Revolutionize your juice bar with the ultimate fresh juice solution¨

The Z14 is a compact and efficient juicing machine, a model designed for businesses with medium/high production, such as cafes, juice bars, and food trucks.

Despite its small size, the Z14 is capable of producing up to 3.698 gallons of juice per hour, making it the perfect choice for businesses with limited space but with substantial juice production.

Here is an article about the Z14 for you to discover its potential.


Z06: ¨The ultimate versatile solution for every business need¨

This small but mighty juicer is perfect for businesses that need to produce small batches of juice quickly and efficiently.

With the help of its compact size and powerful motor, the Z06 can produce up to 1.585 gallons of juice per hour.

It is the ideal option for cafes, bars, and restaurants that want to offer fresh juice without the hassle.

Z22: ¨The ability to create the juice you’ve always imagined¨

The Z22 is a flexible and efficient juicing machine that can process various types of fruits and vegetables with ease.

Alongside its high-quality components and patented juicing system, the Z22 can produce up to 5.812 gallons of juice per hour, making it the perfect choice for businesses that want to offer a diverse range of fresh juices to their customers.


We deliver the best squeezing technology.

At Zummo, we are committed to providing businesses with the most advanced and effective squeezing technology on the market.

Our EVS ensures the cleanest and most perfect squeezing system in the world, patented by Zummo.

Whether you’re in the hospitality industry, retail, or any other food service business, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.

See you at NRA.

Don´t miss this exciting opportunity to discover all that Zummo has to offer!

Visit us at booth 5268 at the NRA Show, and experience the future of juicing technology firsthand.

See you there and contact us if you need further information.


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